Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following web page explains the processing and use of personal information by Xmanhwa users. Values the anonymity of our affiliates and visitors, we will never share any sensitive details about anybody who logs on to Xmanhwa with someone else. This includes your e-mail address, your name, and your location. After signing in to Xmanhwa, stuff like …



A cookie is a very tiny text file put on your machine after logging in to XManhwa (and most other websites). This file serves as your ID card and is exclusively yours, which can only be accessed by the server who gave it to you. Cookies inform us that you have returned to a certain XManhwa web page and help us monitor your interests and transactional patterns. The main role of cookies is to help our server know who you are.


Children‘s Privacy

In addition to the above, XManhwa can opt to keep any personal information, such as the child’s e-mail address, as a way of preventing the child from re-enrolling on our website. The Children’s Online Privacy Security Act ( COPPA) came into force in April 2000. As a result, websites worldwide had to change their policies not to gather any child information.


Disclosing Information

XManhwa can store and reveal personal information that is permitted or needed by applicable law or deemed advisable by us. This ensures that we may make disclosures appropriate to comply with legal and regulatory requirements or procedures and protect the privacy, protection, and property of XManhwa, users of the XManhwa website the public.



At XManhwa, we make fair attempts to secure sensitive information, such as passwords and hardware, such as encryption, access control procedures, firewalls, and physical protection. We advise you to use a special password of both letters and numbers to secure your XManhwa account and its associated websites. If others, whether relatives, friends, or other household members, have access to and use the message board from your login information, you are responsible for that person’s actions. Your account can be completely terminated except in serious circumstances.


Third Parties

Third-Party websites can collect information from XManhwa users, including your IP address, hostname, and information about your device to help us better support you. They are purely used for statistical purposes and would not be used in any way other than that. If you would like more information on this activity and want to know the options for not getting this information used by these organizations, please use http:/ out. Asp.


Website Policy Changes

XManhwa reserves the right to amend this and any other provision that might be found on our website at any time without notifying our users. If you have any comments, doubts, or complaints about this policy or any other policy, you can give them to us at


Third-parties and Opt-Out

Third parties can show interest-related ads to you in applications or websites related to your use of applications or websites over time and through non-affiliated apps.
These third parties can combine and use information from websites or applications on your current browser or device with other browsers or devices for advertising purposes. To opt-out of such interest-based ads and/or cross-device targeting, please use the following methods to opt-out of either of your browsers and

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) –
Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) –
Digital Advertising Alliance Canada (DAAC) –
Digital Advertising Alliance EU (EDAA) –

Please note that opting out of interest-based ads and cross-device targeting does not mean that you can no longer receive online advertising. This ensures that the third party from which you have opted out of accessing interest-based advertisements or cross-device targeting using the aforementioned approaches can no longer offer ads customized to your online habits and patterns of use on a specific web browser or device.